Saled LED lighting for three European sites of Smiths Medical

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Over the last few months, Saled has provided three European sites of Smiths Medical with LED lighting. After a positive cooporation in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), the global manufacturer of medical products decided to work with Saled again to convert the locations in Fraureuth (Germany) and Latina (Italy) to durable lighting.

In June of this year, Saled switched more than 2200 conventional lamps – mostly 58 watt fluorescent tubes – to brand new, durable LED Tubes, downlighters and ceilinglights. This will ultimately provide energy savings of 282,100 kWh per year. Due to these savings, Smiths Medical will earn back the investment in the LED lighting within 19 months. An additional ‘green’ advantage is the massive CO2-reduction of 190,814kg per year.

Ramond van Dalen, HSE Facility and Security Manager of Smiths Medical Nijmegen The Netherlands, on the cooperation with Saled: “The cooperation is very open, transparent and positive. Everything was clear from the first conversations and Saled’s people are very willing to answer any questions. The passion that Saled radiates, both by the accountmanagers and technicians is admirable. The engineers are experienced and neat in communication, meeting the requirements, such as VCA and controlling the required equipment. During some evaluation moments throughout the assembly, they have been able to switch to installation overnight or even on weekends. In short: a very pleasant cooperation with a good value for money.””

‘The installation progressed smoothly’
In August, Saled started with the installment of new lighting at Smiths Medical Fraureuth Germany. There, Saled realised energy savings of 140.274 kWh per year. This was achieved by replacing 212 luminaires and 25 emergency lighting units. Replacing the conventional lighting also resulted in a CO2 reduction of 98.185kg per year. Smiths Medical Fraureuth will earn back the investment within 24 months.

“The installation of the LED lighting has progressed smoothly, without any of our work activities being compromised,” says Christian Lehmann, Smiths Medical Fraureuth Germany.

‘High level of professionalism, precision and cooperation’
The collaborations in Nijmegen and Fraureuth pleased Smiths Medical well and they decided to convert the site in Latina (Italy) to durable lighting as well. In Italy, more than 1400 fluorescent tubes were replaced by various LED Panel lights, LED Tubes, LED escape lighting and LED highbays. This gives Smiths Medical energy savings of 106,476 kWh per year and a CO2 reduction of 112,976kg per year. For the entire site in Latina, the investment will be earned back within 32 months.

“We want to thank Saled for showing their high level of professionalism, precision and cooperation. In particular, we would like to thank the installation team under the guidance of Patrick de Graaf for the excellent cooperation,” says Simona Maggiacomo, Smiths Medical Latina Italy.

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