Saled LED lighting at the Salvation Army: 5 years’ later

In November 2011, Saled got the great task to provide the headquarters of the Salvation Army in Almere with durable LED lighting. A total of more than 1000 lamps were replaced at the time. Five years later, we look back on the results.

The conversion in the autumn of 2011 turned out to be the starting signal for a longstanding cooperation between the Salvation Army and Saled. The sleek appearance and energy savings of more than 70% were reason for the aid organization to stay in contact with Saled. Now – five years later – many branches have followed the headquarters and the Salvation Army and Saled are dedicated partners in sustainability.

Enormous savings, quickly recouped
Exactly 1020 lamps have been converted to LED in 2011. Besides the replacement of a large number of conventional tubes, also halogen spotlights and emergency lighting have been converted to LED. Where one consumed 72 watt before, one now consumes only 22 watt. This energy savings of 70% have led to the fact that the Salvation Army has recouped the total investment within three years.

In 5 years’ time, only 6 broken lamps
In the five years’ time the LED lighting of Saled has been installed, only six lamps showed a failure. This numbers can truly be called special. Taken into consideration that some lamps failed because the fixture broke, this numbers are even more unique. Logically, the Salvation Army is very satisfied about the lighting. Energy savings and sustainability perfectly fit the aims of the more than 150 year old aid organization.

Other figures which underline the quality of Saled
– In 5 years’ time the Salvation Army saved 658.630 kWh on energy
– In 5 years’ time the Salvation Army saved 372.645 kg on CO2
– In 5 years’ time the Salvation Army saved 279.920 kg on Sulphur

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