Saled helps Fincade towards a durable future

Mid-January Saled replaced all the conventional lighting at Fincade B.V. for energy-efficient LED lighting. The financial deployment agency recently settled in Bunnik and decided to increas the durability and energy-efficiency of the building.

Durable and energy-efficient
The majority of the 256 newly placed lamps consists of LED Tubes and LED Dowlighters. The total energy reduction is 22.587 kWh per year, whilst the annual CO2 reduction equals 12.784 kg.

Saled’s retrofit solutions were used at Fincade: replacing the lightsource within the existing fixture. This prevents the unnecessary replacement of fixtures that can still last for years when switching to LED.

Certificate durable lighting
Fincade is very pleased with the results: ‘The mechanics did their work silently and in close agreement with the staff. The staff didn’t experience any nuisance and could continue with their work during the installation.’ says Marco de Ruiter, director at Fincade. In addition, Fincade received the ‘Certificate durable lighting’. This online certificate shows the current total CO2 reduction and energy savings 24/7.

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