Saled fits first Jumbo Supermarket with LED lighting

In the past weeks, Saled installed energy efficient LED lighting at the Jumbo Supermarket in Veenendaal. Using Saled’s retrofit solution, all 435 conventional light sources have been 1 on 1 replaced by LED alternatives. This reduced the total energy consumption by over 65%.

All existing downlighters and spotlights have been replaced by LED downlighters and 360° adjustable LED spotlights. The old fluorescent tube fixtures were completely replaced by new, luxury LED panel lights. Despite the energy savings the lumen output was increased by over 30%. The replacement of the lighting was done during opening hours. Customers experienced no inconvenience whatsoever due to the installation.

Jumbo Veenendaal saves over €10.000,- a year with the new LED lighting, resulting in a return on investment of less than 3 years. This investment also contributes to the environment: the CO2 emission was reduced by over 46 tonnes a year.

Saled is pleased to have added Jumbo to their customer base.

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