Saled delivers 9000 lightsources to Oss

Saled will deliver over 9000 lightsources for the public lighting of the municipality Oss. These lightsources can replace the conventional lighting in the existing fixture, extending their lifetime. The LED lighting saves over 50% energy with respect to the present public lighting. Our products have a very long lifetime. So besides saving energy costs, replacement costs will be reduced. With these savings the investment will be returned within 3 years.

Councillor Johan van der Schoot will initiate the replacement operation on Wednesday 16 September, replacing almost half of the total public lighting. The goal is to comply to the nationwide energy agreement, which will be amply achieved. It is expected that the energy use of Oss will be reduced by 50% in 2020, with respect to 2013. The energy agreement aspires 20%.

Besides Oss, Saled will soon deliver LED lightsources for the municipalities Zwolle and Nijkerk. Saled is working with 150 municipalities to see where our retrofit solutions can be applied.

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