Saled delivers more than 2.000 light sources to Ziut for municipality Oldambt

At the end of August, Saled has delivered more than 2.000 LED light sources to the Oldambt municipality. The installation of the lamps is carried out by partner Ziut, who has already placed around 2.600 Saled PS-L lamps in Oldambt earlier this year. The installation is expected to be finished mid-October, bringing the total amount of Saled light sources in Oldambt to over 4.600.

On Wednesday 21 December 2016, a 6-year contract was signed by alderman Van den Aker and Hans ten Broeke, Ziut’s branch director, for the management and maintenance of the public lighting. The project started in 2017 with the complete replacement of more than 600 old lampposts. Subsequently, installer Ziut Wijster replaced in 2.610 lampposts the conventional light sources one-to-one for a Saled LED light source. After the successful installation, Ziut Wijster will start in September with the replacement of another 2.010 lamps.

PS-L lamps
Saled PS-L lamps are placed in various streets throughout the municipality. Together, these new LED light sources realize an energy saving of no less than 339.454 kWh. In addition, the municipality reduces the CO2 emissions by 192.131 kg. Because LED lighting has a much longer lifetime than the old lamps and is virtually maintenance free, the municipality also saves on maintenance costs and minimizes disturbances.

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