Quality improvement and savings for twelve schools of foundation ‘De Vier Windstreken’ thanks to LED lighting from Saled.

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Twelve schools of foundation De Vier Windstreken Foundation recently switched to LED lighting from Saled. Offering quality education is one of the spearheads of the Gouda-based foundation. LED therefore also contributes to this, because from now on students can follow education in excellent light.

De Vier Windstreken Foundation came into contact with Saled through the Education Purchasing Group. The foundation believes it is important to invest in sustainability. The first step was therefore to replace the lighting. Besides the sustainability aspect, the schools are very satisfied with the new lighting. Gerben Langerak, board secretary, explains: “We notice that the lighting is experienced as pleasant by staff and students. It contributes to a better indoor climate in our schools.”

Huge savings for the schools

The twelve schools together will save a lot of money. By replacing the lighting in all rooms, they save more than 220,000 kWh of energy annually. With this, they fully recoup the lighting within 4.5 years. CO2 emissions are also significantly reduced by more than 130,000 kg. This means that 6209 trees are saved. Switching to LED lighting is not only beneficial for the energy bill of the schools but also contributes to a better environment.

Improved ability to concentrate through LED

In addition to the many savings, LED school lighting provides even more benefits. Firstly, Saled’s LED lighting meets the requirements set by the school inspectorate. Conventional lighting has a flicker. This is not visible to the eye, but it does have an effect on students and teachers. LED lighting, on the other hand, has a flicker-free driver. This is better for the concentration of students and teachers and in this way, they go home, less tired at the end of the day.

Tip: Open your phone’s camera and point it at the current lighting in the classroom. Does the lighting flicker? Then your lighting is not yet LED.

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