Saled supplies over 300 INDO AIR 3 fixtures for popular M2 viaduct in England

INDO fixtures

The viaduct over the MedWay River in England from the M2 motorway is currently exceptionally well lit by new AIR3 INDO fixtures. The fixtures provide a beautiful light image, are extremely lightweight, and require little to no maintenance. In addition, these unique fixtures last longer and can save up to 60% extra energy.

The conventional 400W SON fixtures consumed a lot of energy and produced a yellowed light image. Kier, manager of 30,000 kilometers of the UK road network, approached INDO to prepare a lighting design for the viaduct. It was important that the new lighting would meet all required lighting levels. Significant energy savings and lighter weight were two of these requirements. Saled and INDO were allowed to supply these new fixtures to Kier.

Extremely lightweight

The INDO AIR3 fixture with 31,000 lumens perfectly matches the client’s needs. This fixture weighs only 11.2 kg. This is over 2 kg lighter than conventional fixtures and about 50% lighter than comparable LED solutions from other suppliers. The low weight has a positive effect on the reduction of stresses and loads in the luminaire and facilitates the installation process for contractors. In addition, more than 60% of energy savings can be achieved with this lighting.

The client is very happy with the end result:

“The team found the lanterns easy to work with and the weight was a plus.”

Little to no maintenance on INDO fixtures

Because the INDO AIR 3 fixture does not have a driver, virtually no maintenance is required. This prevents, among other things, expensive road closures. Traditional LED systems often have to be replaced after 5-7 years. Fewer maintenance requirements will reduce the financial impact of the installation and improve road safety. In addition, INDO and Saled’s AIR 2 and AIR 3 luminaires are also vibrations tested to level 2 of ANSI C 136.31. This guarantees mechanical robustness, even in the most challenging locations.

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