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LED Panel Lights

After a successful testing period, Ramaer Printed Circuits has chosen for LED Panel Lights of Saled. At the manufacturer of printed circuit boards, more than 500 old fluorescent tubes have been replaced by durable Panel Lights. This improves the light output during the manufacturing process, while the energy costs are reduced by over 50%.

Robert Hogenboom, Manager Engineering & Operations: “Lighting has a lot of influence on detailed manufacturing work. Our staff told us there was a need for improved light output.”

Because of the plenty of options in terms of light output and colour, several LED lamps have been tested in advance. Finally, the 40w LED Panel Lights with a colour temperature of 6000K appeared to fit best. In four phases, all production rooms are converted to the new Panel Lights of Saled. A total of more than 50% on energy savings is achieved.

LED workshop lighting

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