Paas Food Industries

LED solution

The Belgian Paas Food Industries is fully provided with Saled LED lighting. In the offices is the conventional lighting with an use of 58W replaced by durable LED tubes with the use of only 24W.  Furthermore, the canteen, production-, cooling-, and storage facilities are fitted with durable LED lighting.

The best LED solution for each room is determined based on individual lighting plans. Safe working, hygiene, energy policy, and as little maintenance as possible were the most important principles. Finally, the production rooms have been provided with IP65 fixtures and 24W LED tubes, with fresh light on the workbenches and HACCP-approval as result. The cold stores and storage rooms are now illuminated by 100W Saled LED flood lights. Many rooms are provided with motion sensors, which makes sure that the rooms are not unnecessarily illuminated in case of inactivity. This realizes even more energy savings. Finally, also the outdoor lighting is taken care of with Saled’s 50W flood lights.

LED workshop lighting

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