The Oppidium Amersfoort

At the centre of Amersfoort you can find the new multifunctional complex ‘The Oppidium’. Here, Saled has installed durable LED lighting at the Mercure Hotel, the Basic Fit gym, the central halls and the parking garage.

At the Mercure Hotel, the hotel rooms and hallways are fitted with over 2000 recessed spotlights and the conference rooms with downlighters. The chandeliers in the lobby are fitted with LED bi-pins and the staff rooms with panel lights.

Over 700 new IP65 LED fixtures were installed in the new parking garage, with over 1400 LED tubes. At a 24/7 parking garage, the investment is earned back within 1.5 years. Saled also has a retrofit solution for existing parking garages. By installing new LED tubes in the existing fixtures, they do not have to be unnecessarily replaced for new fixtures to switch to durable LED lighting.

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LED lighting

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