Officebuilding DTZ in Deventer

In Deventer Saled fully fitted a 3 storey office building with durable and energy efficient lighting. Over 350 light points were converted to a LED lightsource. The annual savings exceed €12.000, resulting in a return of investment within 2.5 years.

Over 250 LED tubes and 22 emergency fixtures were placed. Using our retrofit solution, functioning fixtures do not need unnecessary replacement for new and expensive LED fixtures. The present fixtures can be maintained by using our fast and simple conversion. Saled LED lighting last more than 6x longer than conventional lighting and is 99.9% recyclable.

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LED office lighting

  • Expert account managers and advisers
  • At least 3 years warranty
  • Large stocks, short delivery times
  • Installation team with many years of experience
  • The most important quality labels
  • EMC certification: no failure in your digital network
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