Municipality Oss

Saled delivered over 11.000 LED lightsources to the municipality Oss for public lighting. The retrofit lightsources were placed in the existing fixture, extending their lifetime.

The LED lighting saves over 50% in energy consumption with respect to the conventional public lighting. The long lifetime of the products means that besides energy costs, replacement costs will be reduced. This results in a return of investment within 3 years.

The goal is to comply to the nationwide energy agreement, which will be amply achieved. It is expected that the energy use of Oss will be reduced by 50% in 2020, with respect to 2013. The energy agreement aspires 20%.

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Public LED lighting

  • Expert account managers and advisers
  • At least 3 years warranty
  • Large stocks, short delivery times
  • Installation team with many years of experience
  • The most important quality labels
  • EMC certification: no failure in your digital network
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