Heupink & Bloemen Tobacco

At Heupink & Bloemen Tobacco in Ootmarsum the factory and offices have been fitted with durable LED lighting. By switching to LED lighting Heupink & Bloemen saves over 60% on energy consumption and also reduces the CO2 emission by over 60%.

The total savings on energy costs exceed €16.000 per year. The low investement costs will be earned back within 3 years and the LED tubes have a 6x longer lifetime than the fluorescent tubes.

In the large factoryhall the existing fluorescent tubes have been replaced by Saled LED tubes. The existing fixtures were re-used, preventing unnecesary replacement. Because of this the investment costs were low. The fixtures with 4 fluorescent tubes in the offices were replaced by LED panel lights. This creates a neat appearance with a great light distribution. Besides this the downlighters have been replaced by LED downlighters.

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LED workshop lighting

  • Expert account managers and advisers
  • At least 3 years warranty
  • Large stocks, short delivery times
  • Installation team with many years of experience
  • The most important quality labels
  • EMC certification: no failure in your digital network
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