Newest LED solution successfully placed in Dalfsen

Saled has developed a new 270° PS-L for fixtures without mirror optics or with weathered mirror optics. This lamp has a 90°-rotated base which makes sure that the full light output is used. After a successful testing period, 500 fixtures in Dalfsen were fitted with this innovation. 

Lichtidee conducted a measurement on behalf of the Municipality Dalfsen with the Altra 2 fixture to compare the new 18 watt 4000K light source with the existing PL-L 36 watt 4000K. The light output has been measured on nine points (see image) and can be seen in the table below. The light point distance was 26.5 meters, the light point height 6 meter.

Measuring point PL-L 36 watt PS-L  18 watt
1 7,29 lux 11,69 lux
2 1,32 lux 1,57 lux
3 3,45 lux 4,27 lux
4 5,63 lux 8,97 lux
5 1,38 lux 1,88 lux
6 6,55 lux 9,40 lux
7 2,78 lux 4,20 lux
8 1,33 lux 1,68 lux
9 8,28 lux 12,15 lux

This shows that the new product of Saled achieves a higher light output at all points. Because the ballast can be turned off when you use the LED PS-L, the energy use will decrease with more than 50%. Due to the positive test results, Municipality Dalfsen chose to replace in December 500 conventional PL-L’s by Saled LED PS-L’s. Also interested in our solutions for public lighting? Click here.

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