New energy-efficient LED line lighting for Score Wholesale B.V. in Duiven

Saled has placed six new LED light lines in the warehouse of clothing retailer Score in Duiven. The innovative fixtures have a minimal energy consumption and are therefore extremely durable. Moreover, the new fixtures have a very low glare value, with an UGR of <19.

On the first floor of the ‘warehouse’ at the headquarters, located directly along the A12, six light lines are placed by a Saled installation team. Each light line is composed of ten LED fixtures of 18 watt with a 4000K colour temperature. The lights are connected to motion sensors, so the lighting does not burn unnecessarily when no staff is present. The total consumption amounts with the new fixtures to only 1.080 watt. A substantial saving compared to the consumption of the energy guzzling construction lamps that were previously used to illuminate the floor.

Low glare value
The innovative LED fixtures have, with an UGR of <19, a very low glare value. The UGR-value (Unified Glare Rating) is a value that indicates the degree of uncomfortable glare. The lower the value, the less light pollution users will experience. This means that the employees of Score can look into the light during their working activities without being dazzled.

Score was founded in 1981 by owner/CEO Jan Peters. The first store was opened in Apeldoorn, and in the meantime Score became one of the most successful jeans retailers, with more than 80 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. After the successful conversion to LED, the retailer now looks at the further possibilities of LED.

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