Municipality Wageningen saves on energy costs through LED lighting from Saled

The district Wageningen-Hoog will enter the dark winter period with sustainable energy supplied by Saled. Recently, the relatively new armatures in the district underwent a LED retrofit. Consequently, the municipality is significantly more sustainable. Energy consumption on a yearly basis will be reduced by roughly 27.607 kWh.

In the municipality Wageningen, maintenance contractor Ziut has implemented LED retrofit-solutions. During this process, existing armatures were modified to be suitable for LED lighting. Through use of this technology, conventional lighting can make way for different types of PS-L lights from Saled.

LED retrofit
In the past, the district of Wageningen-Hoog had a total of 391 PL-L lights. The PL-L lights differed between 24, 36 and 55 watts. These PL-L lights have since been replaced with 338 13-watt PS-L lights, 5 18-watt PS-L lights, and 48 26-watt PS-L lights. By using the retrofit technology, the existing armatures can be simply modified, instead of being replaced. As a result, the municipality will save money and energy, 27.605 kWh per year. On top of that, the municipality will be able to recoup their investment in about 5 years.

Reduced sulfur and CO2 emissions
In addition to saving energy, the LED lights from Saled will deliver several other benefits to Wageningen. For example, by saving power the municipality will also be able to reduce their CO2 emissions by about 15.625 kg per year. Further, transitioning to LED lights will reduce sulfur emissions by roughly 11.732 gr per year.

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