Municipality Rozendaal opts for LED lighting from Saled

The municipality of Rozendaal has provided the entire town hall with energy-efficient LED lighting. This is one of the ambitions in the Rozendaal Sustainability Memorandum 2018-2022. The installation and delivery process was carried out by Saled. The municipality is very committed to sustainability and is therefore very satisfied with the step it has taken.

Conventional lighting in the town hall has slowly deteriorated in recent years. The Working Conditions Act lays down the conditions that lighting at a workplace must meet. In order to continue to comply with the rules in the Occupational Health and Safety legislation in the future, it was necessary to replace the current lighting with LED lighting.

Awarded to Saled
The municipality of Rozendaal was looking for an expert supplier and installer of LED lighting. After several pleasant discussions, the municipality decided to award the contract to Saled.

Why sustainable?
The municipality of Rozendaal believes that quality of life within the community can only be guaranteed if the right balance can be found between social, economic and environmental aspects. In order to guarantee this balance in environmental matters, Rozendaal has drawn up the Sustainability Memorandum Rozendaal 2018-2022. It contains various ambitions that are intended to ensure that the community becomes more sustainable. It also contains a number of measures that the municipality would like to take itself. One of these measures was to equip the town hall with LED lighting. According to the Municipality of Rozendaal, it is important to encourage others to become more sustainable by setting a good example.