More than 190 Saled LED lamps in tunnels Hilversum

The municipality of Hilversum recently decided to replace conventional lighting in two tunnels with LED lighting from Saled. The installation was carried out by Dynniq. The LED light sources will significantly reduce the energy costs. The municipality of Hilversum is expected to have a third tunnel fitted with sustainable LED lighting in the future.

In the tunnels, 40 20W LED tubes have been installed to replace 36W fluorescent tubes. In addition, 156 58W fluorescent tubes have been replaced by energy-efficient 30W LED tubes. As a result, the energy consumption of the tunnels is multiple times lower. Both tunnels are illuminated 24/7, allowing the municipality to take full advantage of the reduction in energy consumption and make substantial energy cost savings.

Installation process
The installation of the Saled LED lamps was carried out by Dynniq. In the past, Saled and Dynniq already worked together successfully a number of times. This time too, the cooperation went smoothly. Both parties hope to be able to repeat this more often in the future.

Third Tunnel
The municipality of Hilversum indicates that it is very satisfied with the obtained results. Despite the savings, the light output remained the same. Due to the high energy savings, the municipality is considering to equip a third tunnel with Saled LED lighting.