More sales volume for your store with LED lighting for the retail

led retail lighting

The right lighting in a store is an important element for a better company turnover. With perfect lighting, your products look more attractive to the customer. LED lighting creates a certain atmosphere, presentation, and feeling. That’s not all, LED brings many more benefits to your shop.

The benefits of LED lighting are enormous. By properly illuminating your products with, for example, LED Railspots, these products will really ‘stand out’ for the customer. This encourages your customer to purchase through your investment in new lighting. Read here about Zandbergen Shoes, a shoe store in De Bilt, which benefits from the benefits of LED Railspots in the store. You can focus this LED lamp on specific products so that certain important details are accentuated. In this way, you attract the attention of the customer.

Even more benefit

LED lighting also has a positive effect on employees. Conventional lighting flickers, but LED does not. The flicker is not always visible to the naked eye, but it does have an effect on humans. Our LED products have a flicker-free driver.

If you switch to LED lighting for retail, you will also save a lot on energy bills. Our LED lamps provide annual savings of more than 50%. You also contribute to a better environment, because CO₂ and sulfur emissions are significantly reduced. Due to the current high energy prices, you will quickly earn back the investment in LED.

led retail lighting

Showroom & shop window lighting

The most important moment between the customer and the company: the first impression. This often happens during the first look at the shop window or showroom. Good lighting is everything. The customer’s eye is immediately drawn if LED lighting is used in the showroom or shop window and the lamps are set in such a way that they illuminate the products correctly. Our experienced account managers can help you with this.

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