Martini church Doesburg highlighted by Saled LED lighting

On the instruction of the municipality Doesburg, Saled provided the tower of the Martini church fully of LED lighting. Four new LED fixtures put the church beautifully in the spotlights. As a result, the tower is visible for miles around and is therefore also in the evening the absolute landmark of Doesburg.

Municipality Doesburg wished that the project would be finished before the holidays. An installation team of Saled made every effort to complete the project in this busy period. At the time the lights were turned on in the evening of Thursday, December 22, the reactions of bystanders were overwhelming. A nice compliment to the mechanics of Saled.

RGB LED lighting
The old lighting to illuminate the tower of the 15th century built Martini church no longer met the requirements of Municipality Doesburg. For this reason the municipality decided to place four new LED fixtures by Saled; three fixtures of 800 watt and a fixture of 1000 watt because these was placed at larger distance. An enormous energy saving compared to the old lighting, which consumed a total of 10.000 watt. The new RGB LED lighting also allows the municipality to illuminate the church in various colors.

Increased light output
A wish of the Municipality Doesburg was to increase the light output, which would highlight the church better. The new Saled fixtures offer the solution and increased the light output from 80 to 100 lux at the Martini church. Another wish of the client was to illuminate the spire nicely. Also this wish was fulfilled thanks to the lighting of Saled, whereby also the highest point of the 94-meter high tower is now beautifully illuminated. As icing on the cake, the Municipality Doesburg will save over 27.000 kWh each year and makes a contribution to the environment with this choice, due to a CO2 reduction of more than 15.000 kilogram each year.

Saled wishes municipality Doesburg and her inhabitants much pleasure with the new lighting.


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