Less energy consumption for Friesland College Leeuwarden due to LED lighting

energy reduce

We were asked to replace the current lighting with our LED solutions at one of the largest MBO schools in the Netherlands. Friesland College is a ROC with 130 training courses. With the new lighting, beautiful savings are being realized.

Low energy consumption is very nice in times of permanent, rising energy prices. Less energy consumption means less money per month for energy costs and more room for investment in other elements within sustainability. This can be done by switching to LED lighting. By replacing the current, conventional lighting with LED, Friesland College Leeuwarden has less energy consumption per year. 16655 kg less CO₂ and 12506 gr sulfur is emitted. This is a saving of 833 trees (1 tree = 20 kg CO₂).

Save on energy consumption

National Agency for Enterprising Netherlands (RVO) has created the term “Frisse Schools”. A fresh school is a school building with low energy use and a healthy indoor environment. This includes air quality, temperature, comfort, light, and sound. The energy consumption of many schools is therefore very high. LED lighting is a means to lower energy use, but also contributes to improving the indoor environment. With this, you can quickly meet the requirements that are set for a fresh school.

energy reduce

LED lighting for your school building

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