LED lighting for school Jan van Brabant College in Helmond

led lighting

The outdated lighting in buildings A and C of Jan van Brabant College has now been completely made more sustainable with Saled LED lighting for schools. This will bring many benefits to the Helmondse school.

The entire secondary school was lit with conventional T5 luminaires, which was the reason why the college chose our retrofit method. We converted the existing fixtures of the conventional lighting in three days, so that they were suitable for the use of LED lamps. This prevents capital destruction. Retrofitting is therefore a very sustainable choice. The fixtures are now equipped with T6 LED tubes.

In addition to the current fixtures being converted, new fixtures were also installed, namely downlighters from our gold line. In total, more than 1,000 LED lamps have been installed in the school.

led lighting

62% savings on the energy bill

By switching to LED lighting, the Jan van Brabant College saves 62% energy. 41327 kg of CO₂ and 30833 sulfur are also reduced. The investment in LED pays for itself in 3.6 years.

LED lighting for schools

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