Koninklijke Kentalis Eindhoven saves 66% on energy bill through LED

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In Eindhoven, people worked hard all week in building 20 of Koninklijke Kentalis. The current lighting in the building was replaced by LED. As a result of this sustainable step, an energy saving of 66% on the energy bill has now been achieved.

In building 20 we were allowed to replace the current lighting with our LED lighting. In total, more than 600 LED lamps were installed: Panel Lights, Downlights and Ceiling Lamps. We have also converted the existing fixtures of the T8 Tubes to LED. We do this through our retrofit method. We convert existing fixtures of conventional lighting so that they are suitable for the use of LED lamps. Modifying existing luminaires is very easy. You can then immediately start saving on energy costs.

energy bill
Kentalis Eindhoven helps children and young people who have difficulty communicating due to a language development disorder or hearing loss. They can go to Eindhoven for treatment.

Many energy savings for Kentalis

Kentalis immediately benefits from an annual saving of 66% on the energy bill. In addition, 52601 kWh less is consumed and 29772 kg CO₂ and 22355 grams of sulfur are reduced. The investment in LED pays for itself within 5 years.

energy bill

Choose sustainable, switch to LED

Energy prices are very high at the moment. With LED lighting you can save a lot on your energy bill. Saled has suitable LED solutions for every company and type of building. Do you have questions or would you like to receive more information? You can reach us at

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