Kok Experience Harderwijk fitted with Saled LED lighting

After providing the lighting for his car wash and petrol station, entrepreneur Johan Kok turned to Saled once again for the lighting of his brand new entertainmentcentre. More than 350 durable LED light sources have been placed in the ‘Kok Experience’, properly lighting the building whilst keeping the energy consumption low.

In the brand new building along the Hoofdweg, Kok Experience offers a variety of entertainment under one roof; besides a large playground for children, there is a laser game arena, a restaurant and several cinemas, including a cinema café. In short, the ideal place for a day out with the family.

Installed lighting
The building was fitted with over 350 LED lamps. At the childrens playground, nine dimmable 230 watt downlighter were placed. Using their dimming function, the lighting can be adjusted to match the envisioned atmosphere. In the offices and kitchen luxury panel lights were used. Furthermore, over 200 downlighters and LED tubes were placed in the hallways and parking garage.

Delivered from stock
Due to the short time span, it was necessary to have short delivery times. Kok Experience was happy to find that Saled could provide all the products from stock, keeping the building process on schedule. The next project will be the well-known ‘Broodje Kok’ sandwich shop nearby the entertainmentcentre.

Saled thanks the Kok family for choosing for our products again and wishes them a lot of succes with their new business.

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