Keulen Vleeswaren switched to Saled LED lighting

Last weekend, Saled installed LED lighting in the entire building of Keulen Vleeswaren. The production halls, offices and other areas are now illuminated durably.

In the building of Keulen Vleeswaren over 400 light sources were replaced. Together these will save more than 60% on energy costs. The greatest gain was realised in the production halls, where over 280 conventional fluorescent tubes were 1-on-1 replaced by Saled LED tubes.

Excellent cooperation
In the canteens, hallways, dressing rooms and showers/toilets the conventional recessed downlighters and recessed fixtures were replaced by dozens of Saled LED downlighters and LED Panel Lights. Ben Keulen states that he is happy with the conversion: “Everything went well and rapidly. The cooperation with Saled is excellent.’

Quick return on investment
Besides saving on energy costs, the conversion also contributes to the environment. The sulphur emission dropped by over 26.000 grams, the CO2 emission by 35.912 kg. The total investment is expected to be earned back within 2.1 years.

Fresh and hygienic
Ben Keulen: “Besides the durability and the financial advantage of LED lighting, we were positively suprised by the atmosphere of the ligthing. The bright, white LED lighting makes the rooms appear fresher and more hygienic. This was something we didn’t expect.”

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