ICT company DEVENit Bunschoten has been benefiting from 67% energy savings for 6 years now


The office building of the ICT company DEVENTit in Bunschoten was fully equipped with LED lighting in June 2017. The new energy-efficient light sources provide an annual energy consumption of 11,162 kWh, an energy saving of no less than 67% compared to the old conventional lighting. The company has been benefiting for almost six years now.

In the building on the Energieweg in Bunschoten, a large number of LED Panel Lights have been installed in the office spaces. In addition, LED downlights have been installed in the hall and the reception area has LED recessed spotlights and LED tubes. To complete the project, the entire building is equipped with LED emergency lighting. Thanks to the substantial energy savings, the investment was earned back within 2.5 years.


An energy-efficient office

DEVENTit is a software house with a specialization in developing, selling, and maintaining web-based multimedia information systems. Due to the switch to LED lighting, DEVENTit has had an energy-efficient office for years. As a result, they have been able to save on energy costs for a number of years and they do not have to worry about the current obligation for office buildings. This means that an office building may consume a maximum of 225 kWh per m2 annually. This has been in effect since January 1, 2023. By switching to LED lighting, you quickly meet the obligation of energy label C. In general, LED Tubes, Panels, Ceiling Lamps, and Downlights are the best solution for office buildings. In addition to 50% energy savings, these lamps also provide 50% fewer CO2 emissions.

At least 50% energy savings for your office

Do you also want to make your office building more sustainable and comply with the obligation of energy label C? Start with a switch to LED lighting and benefit from great energy savings. Please contact us for appropriate advice. We are happy to help you.

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