Hyundai Wittenberg: ‘Very satisfied about new lighting!’

In early August, the Hyundai Wittenberg branch in Amersfoort was fully converted to LED. Thanks to the switch, Hyundai Wittenberg reduces the energy consumption by 39.730 kWh per year. Branch manager Steven Koelewijn: ‘I can recommend Saled to everyone’.

Hyundai Wittenberg, part of PGA Nederland, wanted to make the building in Amersfoort energy efficient and sustainable and came out to Saled to replace the current lighting by LED lighting. Branch manager Steven Koelewijn: “There are many suppliers who offer LED lighting in one way or another. We examined several quotations and every time the proposal of Saled appeared to be the best. For our company, the preconditions were also very important. Saled promised us that during the assembly we would experience little or no hindrance. Also the 5 year warranty was decisive for us. The fact that a defective lamp will be replaced free of charge within 48 hours is of course perfect.”

Sustainable LED lighting
Technicians of Saled have installed a total of 261 LED lamps in the property, located at the Xenonweg 15 in Amersfoort. In the showroom and workshop there were mainly LED panel lights, LED tubes and so-called LED ‘Ufo’ High Bay’s placed. As a result, Hyundai Wittenberg will save 39.730 kWh on the energy bill annually. Besides a saving on energy costs, the company will also save on replacement costs, so that the investment in LED lighting has already been recouped within 2.4 years. A nice bonus for Hyundai Wittenberg is the environmental saving of 22.487 kg CO2 emissions per year.

Very satisfied customer
At Hyundai Wittenberg everyone is very satisfied about the new lighting, says Koelewijn: ‘The lighting looks great. We now have a lot more light, and especially the LED panels are really beautiful’. Koelewijn is also very satisfied about the preconditions. “During the assembly, all our work could continue and we did not experience any inconvenience. All the old lighting is taken away neatly. All in all, I can certainly recommend Saled to everyone,” concludes branch manager Koelewijn.


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