Extend the growing season of your crop: use LED grow lights

led grow lights

Thanks to the growing possibilities of LED grow lights, the growing season of your cultivation season can be extended. This is the reason why more and more growers use LED lighting in horticulture. In this way, you can produce crops of the same quality all year round. In this article, you can read why LED is suitable for horticulture and how we have the ideal solution for your greenhouse.

The benefits of LED lighting for horticulture

LED lighting ensures a longer lifespan and lower energy consumption compared to conventional lighting. This is the main reason why many companies switch to LED. This is slightly different for the (glass) horticulture sector. In a greenhouse, for example, it is very important to maintain the right temperature. This has to do with the type of crop, but the type of lighting can also affect this. LED lighting becomes much less warm than traditional, conventional lighting. Thanks to these lower temperatures you have to drain less heat in the greenhouse to keep the right temperature. In addition, crops under higher temperatures require more water and food. All in all, LED grow lights, our LED solution for horticulture, provide less waste and recess of costs.

LED lighting for horticulture also has many options in terms of color and light intensity. Saled has made the Horti Link and Element+ available in collaboration with Indo Lighting. These innovative LED fixtures for the (glass) horticultural market use the Direct Drive® technology. This offers a large number of benefits compared to other luminaires: longer lifespan, lower weight, and no maintenance. It is also possible to tailor the grow lights to the needs of the crops. Thanks to this technique, both the development and the yield of your products maximize. And that while you use considerably less energy.

LED lamp without a driver

Our LED lighting distinguishes itself from other LED lamps due to the lack of a driver. As a result, as a grower, you save considerably on maintenance costs.

The driver is the weakest element of LED lighting. Due to the high temperatures in the greenhouses, the driver is even faster. It often happens that the driver has to be replaced, while the other components of the fixture are still in excellent condition. The lack of this driver in our LED lighting for horticulture ensures that you are not experiencing any problems.

Another advantage of the Indo Direct Drive® is that only blue LED lamps are used. It is scientifically proven that this color LED lighting has many advantages compared to red LED lamps. For example, a spectrum is possible for the specific requirements of the plant, there is improved stability of the long-term light output and there is no color change during the lifetime of the fixture.

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