Do you suffer from high energy prices as a municipality? Choose Retrofit

energy prices

At the moment everyone suffers from high energy prices, including municipalities. Retrofit offers the possibility to save on the energy bill. For the municipality of Papendrecht, the step to Retrofit was therefore easily and quickly made. Curious about the savings of this project? Then read on.

Bureau OVL Lek-Merwede approached Saled in response to earlier more sustainable collections with our LED. This time for the municipality of Papendrecht, where we were previously allowed to deliver retrofit and plate solutions. In the municipality, we were now allowed to provide a lot of street lighting with LED retrofit through the delivery of PS-L 13, 18, and 26 Watts. These replace the conventional PL-L 24, 36, and 55 watts. This results in a saving of up to 50% on the energy bill.

energy prices
Jachthavenweg, Papendrecht
energy prices

In the table below, view which conventional lamps have been replaced by an LED solution:

AmountPL-L (conventional)PS-L (LED)
171024 watts + 3 watts VSA13 watts
24036 watts + 4 watts VSA18 watts
2055 watts + 5 watts VSA26 watts

Curious about the price of these lamps? Request the price list here.

Save on energy prices and more sustainable

Sustainability takes place, among other things, by applying Retrofit within your municipality. For the municipality of Papendrecht, this means more than 50% energy saving and also a considerable saving on maintenance, because the (e) VSA (vice device) is switched off when replacing a conventional to an LED retrofit. Due to current energy prices, your investment in LED is soon recovered. The step to Retrofit had never been made that easy.

Sustainable Retrofit

With Saled, in many cases, it is possible to replace the street lighting one-on-one so that the fixture is retained. This method is completely interesting now that the phasing out of several conventional lamps is getting closer. With Retrofit, we convert existing luminaires of conventional lighting so that they are suitable for using LED lamps. In this way, we prevent capital destruction. Adjusting existing fixtures is very easy. You as a municipality then save directly on energy costs.

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The production of the conventional PL lamp stopped on 24 February 2023. Be there on time and contact our team via for an analysis of your area and a free quote. We are happy to help you with the (affordable) switch to LED.

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