Dentistry Clinic d’ Ouwe Haven opens her doors with durable LED lighting

On Saturday 28 January, dentistry clinic d’Ouwe Haven -located at the Visrokersplein in Bunschoten- opened her doors. This meant also the introduction of Saled’s LED lighting to all visitors of the clinic.

Due to the new energy efficient and durable LED lighting, dentistry clinic d’Ouwe Haven complies to all standards regarding Corporate Social Responsibility. The unique, patient-friendly and durable solutions of Saled are 70% more economical compared to the conventional traditional lighting at dentists. Without the patient being blinded, there is more than enough light for the dental specialist.

Patient-friendly solution
The great need for light in treatment rooms causes for many dentists a major expense. By placing 42 LED fixtures in the new building the consumption of the entire lighting on an annual basis is only 1.560 kWh. Stef de Graaf, Sales Director at Saled: The LED Panel Lights are nicely concealed in the ceiling, which gives a clean look. The lamps do not dazzle and are therefore very patient-friendly. This solution also gives off less heat, which is costsaving for the cooling of the treatment rooms. Especially during the summer period, both patients as staff will experience this as very pleasant.” The realization of the project was carried out by Saled in cooperation with Mantek BV.

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