De Autowasboulevard Zeist entirely provided of LED lighting

The brand new carwash “De Autowasboulevard” in Zeist is entirely provided of durable LED lighting of Saled. Due to the application of RGB LED lighting, special effects are created in the carwash and washing cars becomes a colourful experience. 

The most durable and professional carwash of Zeist opened Saturday 13th of January. Engineers of Saled worked hard in the weeks prior to the opening to install all lighting. Besides a large amount of LED tubes, also three LED wall washers have been placed. The different colours provide a beautiful light perception during a ride through the carwash.

RGB LED Wall Washers
Specifically for carwashes, Saled delivers LED wall washers. This light fixtures have a wide light beam and are therefore extremely suited to illuminate large objects and to create a special light perception. LED wall washers can be carried out single colour and multi-coloured (RGB). De Autowasboulevard chose for RGB, so that the carwash can be illuminated in the corporate colours green and purple.

Quality and durability
The circumstances in a carwash demand that light sources are both waterproof and resistant to cleaning products. Besides the quality of the light sources, also durability is very important since the lighting in carwashes is turned on for a large number of hours per day. As a result, De Autowasboulevard not only cuts its energy consumption by 50% compared to conventional lighting, but also makes a big step forward towards a better environment.

Broad collection
Besides the carwash, also the adjacent office building is fully provided of LED lighting. Durable LED Panel Lights are installed in the conference room, waiting area and offices. Luxury suspension lighting is mounted to illuminate the workstations. The toilets, hallways and dressing room are provided of LED Downlighters. Outside, at the vacuum cleaners, a large amount of IP 65 fixtures with LED tubs are placed, which ensure that customers can even at night clean the inside of their cars.

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