Conversion to LED at municipality Woensdrecht completed

With the change of over 5500 streetlights to LED in the past few months, the conversion of municipality Woensdrecht to durable light sources has been completed. Virtually every lantern is now fitted with a Saled LED light source, saving Woensdrecht enormous energy- and replacement costs.

Prior to the mass exchange in the months June and July multiple streets were already fitted with Saled lamps for testing and necessary renovations. The results were so convincing that Woensdrecht decided to replace the lighting in the entire municipality. Because of the good condition of the fixtures, Saled’s retrofit solution was used: placing new LED light sources in the existing fixtures.

Social return
Symbolically, councillor Jeffrey van Agtmaal and Ron van Mook (Dynniq) replaced the first lamp as a starting signal for the entire operation. Starting the 13th of June, employees of Dynniq used multiple elevating work platforms to replace all the lamps in the towns Woensdrecht, Huijbergen, Putte, Hoogerheide and Ossendrecht. In the context of social return, Dynniq was assisted by employees of the social employment group WVS.

Annual savings of €68,000
Thanks to the retrofit solution, Woensdrecht will save 30-35% on the energy costs, which comes down to €27.000 annually. Because of the longer life span of the LED light sources the maintenance costs drop by €41.000. This adds up to a total saving of €68.000 per year. This is a significant amount of money for Woensdrecht, which can be put to good use for other matters.

Saled is proud to see that more and more municipalities choose for the durable and high quality solutions of Saled.

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