Car dismantling company De Zaag provided of LED lighting

Saled has provided car dismantling company De Zaag in Krimpen aan den Lek in December of LED lighting. De Zaag therefore has a strongly improved light output. In all existing fixtures are two conventional TL-T8 tubes replaced by one LED tube. As a result, the company will save an additional 2400 kWh on annual basis.

The outdated lighting of the car dismantling company didn’t produce the desired light output anymore. Therefore they came in contact with Saled and decided to replace the conventional lighting by energy efficient LED solutions. The family company that has been active in the car dismantling industry for over 40 years will save 7.909 kWh energy each year.

Car dismantling company De Zaag
The terrain of De Zaag covers an area of 13.000 m², with more than 500 different end-of-life vehicles on it. After the car dismantling, the car parts are stored in the warehouse of 3.000 m². Very important is that this car parts are highlighted. The new LED lighting of Saled offers the solution. Besides a large amount of TL-T8 tubes, there are multiple spotlights with a consumption of 100 watt replaced by energy efficient LED floodlights of only 50 watt.

Unexpected windfall
The installation of two LED tubes per fixture was taken into account in the orginal schedule. During the installation appeared that the light output was such good that De Zaag could manage quite well with just one LED tube per fixure. Therefore less lamps were necessary than initially thought. An unexpected extra cost reduction for De Zaag. The limitation of the number of lamps means furthermore a CO2-reduction of 4.476 kg each year.

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