Borax Rotterdam invests in energy efficient LED lighting

The establishment of Borax in the Botlek area in Rotterdam has been provided with energy efficient Saled LED lighting in June. Thanks to the investment, the global leader in industrial minerals will save more than 65% on the energy consumption. In addition, CO2 and sulfur emissions are greatly reduced, saving the environment significantly.

Borax is part of the Rio Tinto Group, one of the largest mining companies in the world. The branch in Rotterdam is serving as a distribution and packaging facility. In June, a large part of the energy guzzling conventional lighting on the terrain of Borax has been replaced by energy efficient LED lighting. Both the outdoor area and the offices as a large silo are fitted with durable Saled LED solutions. As a result: an energy saving of more than 65 percent.

Energy efficient
The large outdoor area of Borax, located directly on the water, was barely illuminated in the evening. In order to make the terrain safe at night, energy efficient floodlights and street light fixtures are placed. Moreover, an immense silo of over 20 meters high is equipped with a durable lighting system and also the office building is provided with energy efficient lighting in the form of LED panel lights. Just the light sources in the office already reduce the annual energy consumption by 20.000 kWh. A considerable saving that yields the company thousands of euros.

Environmental contribution
However, the conversion is not only attractive from a financial point of view. Borax, which supplies nearly half of the global demand for the mineral borate, substantially reduces the annual CO2 and sulfur emissions. The company, located at the Welplaatweg 104 in Botlek Rotterdam, hereby makes a significant contribution to the environment and also shows that it is aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility.

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