Beer house De Waag provided with Saled LED Panel Lights

During the past week, Saled provided the entire kitchen of beer house De Waag in Doesburg with new, durable LED Panel Lights. This LED panels produce more light then before, ensure a huge saving on energy costs and are more hygienic.  

Until recently, the kitchen of the historical building has been illuminated by 60×60 cm fixtures with 4 fluorescent tubes in it. However, the output was sober and the appearance could be better. Therefore the management of beer house De Waag ended up with Saled. The LED Panel Lights offered by Sales Director Stef de Graaf turned out to be a good alternative. De Graaf: “Our Panel Lights are a good outcome for the catering sector. Dusty and difficult to clean TL-fixtures are a thorn in the eye of many entrepreneurs in catering, but this will be a thing of the past with a Panel Light. The Panel Lights fully conform to HACCP-directives.”

70% energy savings, doubled light output
Besides more hygiene, the Panel Lights of course are more durable compared to the old lighting. With 70%, the energy savings can be called substantial. The light output has nevertheless doubled from 172 lux to 348 lux. A great example of the tremendous benefits of LED lighting.

Oldest catering facility in the Netherlands
The historical beer house De Waag is one of the most famous catering facilities of our country. Moreover, it is recognized by the Guiness Book of Records as the oldest catering facility of the Netherlands. De Graaf: “It is an honor to provide such a special location with LED. We thank the management for their trust and hope they will enjoy their new lighting.”

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