Nursing home Accolade Zorg location De Wijngaard cozy lit with LED

led nursing home

The corridor on the ground floor and first floor of Accolade Zorg location d’Amandelboom is now sustainably lit with LED panels from Saled. For the music room at De Wijngaard location, a request was submitted for a luminaire that provides a cozy atmosphere and with the option of changing the color temperature. At Saled we […]

KPOA chooses sustainable LED lighting from Saled for its schools

led lighting schools

Already 11 schools of the KPOA Foundation were equipped with sustainable LED lighting during the spring break. The last two schools will be converted outside school hours in the coming months. In this way, the schools of KPOA are completely ready for the new school season. The Stichting voor Katholiek Primair Onderwijs Amersfoort (KPOA) works […]

The Zwolle and Meppel branches of car dealer Pouw save money thanks to LED

led car company

Saled has already been able to convert two branches of car company Pouw to LED lighting. These locations will save up to 66% on energy bills. T8 Tubes from Saled were installed in the Pouw Zwolle building. These LED solutions are very economical, which means that the company’s investment is paid back in 2.5 years. […]

Phasing out of the conventional fluorescent lamp, now what?

tl lamp

What has been coming for a long time is now really going to happen: the production of the conventional fluorescent lamp will stop from August 2023. It concerns all T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps, such as TL-D, etc. Do you have to purchase new fixtures immediately? No, Fortunately not! Saled has an affordable LED alternative […]

Phasing out of the conventional PL lamp, now what?

pl lamp

What has been coming for a long time is now really going to happen: the production of the conventional PL lamp will stop from February 24, 2023. On September 1, 2021, two EU regulations were tightened: the SLR legislation and the RoHS directive from which this measure results. Should you immediately purchase new fixtures? No […]

Energy label C mandatory for offices

energy label c

From 2023, office buildings will be required to meet the requirements of energy label C. A switch to LED lighting will help with this. LED lighting is better for the environment and the atmosphere and quality are not inferior to it. Take steps towards savings within your company. In this article, you can read the […]

Contest Yachts switches to Saled LED linear lighting

led linear lighting

In the oldest city in West Friesland, all halls of the Contest Yachts shipyard are equipped with LED linear lighting from Saled. For three generations, Contest Yachts has been building beautiful and high-quality yachts in Medemblik, on the edge of the IJsselmeer. They do this through Dutch craftsmanship and passion. The heart of the company […]

New: LED horticulture fixture Horti Link

led horticulture

In collaboration with INDO Lighting, Saled has developed a new luminaire for horticulture with a 10-year warranty, 100,000 burning hours, and the option of a controllable spectrum. Our account manager Rik Egberts is happy to tell you more about it in this article. ”The Horti Link is a brand new LED fixture for the horticultural […]

39,739 kWh savings per year for car dealer Zeeuw & Zeeuw Utrecht thanks to LED

led car dealer

This year we were able to provide the 8th location of Zeeuw & Zeeuw with LED lighting. In the workshop and warehouse of the car dealer, we replaced the conventional lighting. The car dealer will therefore save a lot of money through this LED lighting. Zeeuw & Zeeuw is a dealer holding and considers sustainability […]

Saled has developed three new LED plate solutions in collaboration with INDO

Saled recently added three new INDO LED plate solutions to the range. These plate solutions fit seamlessly into the existing MAK fixture from Lightronics and the Metronomis Cambridge and Iridium SGP from Philips. This way you can switch to LED lighting while the existing fixture is preserved. Saled has already developed a plate solution for […]