Municipality of Amsterdam extends LED retrofit contract with Saled

led retrofit

After a two-year contract, the municipality of Amsterdam is once again extending its LED retrofit contract with Saled. Soon we will continue the delivery of our LED lamps to the municipality. The municipality of Amsterdam is very satisfied with the lamps from Saled. In 2021, the municipality ordered 12,000 LED solutions. The current luminaires at […]

The municipality of Waalwijk contributes to a circular economy

led street lighting

More and more municipalities are switching to sustainable LED street lighting. The Municipality of Waalwijk also wanted to make its current ARC80 luminaires more sustainable. The municipality came to Saled through the contractor Konings-groep. The contractor was already familiar with our plate solutions and also advised them to the Municipality of Waalwijk. The municipality of […]

More energy-efficient production halls through LED for Bravilor Bonamat Heerhugowaard

production hall lighting

The production halls of coffee machine manufacturer Bravilor Bonamat are now sustainably lit with LED fixtures from Saled. The company immediately benefits from better lighting during work in the halls. The current lighting was replaced by new LED fixtures that were mounted in the existing light lines. This allows the light lines to be maintained. […]

More sales volume for your store with LED lighting for the retail

led retail lighting

The right lighting in a store is an important element for a better company turnover. With perfect lighting, your products look more attractive to the customer. LED lighting creates a certain atmosphere, presentation, and feeling. That’s not all, LED brings many more benefits to your shop. The benefits of LED lighting are enormous. By properly […]

Koninklijke Kentalis Eindhoven saves 66% on energy bill through LED

energy bill

In Eindhoven, people worked hard all week in building 20 of Koninklijke Kentalis. The current lighting in the building was replaced by LED. As a result of this sustainable step, an energy saving of 66% on the energy bill has now been achieved. In building 20 we were allowed to replace the current lighting with […]

LED lighting for school Jan van Brabant College in Helmond

led lighting

The outdated lighting in buildings A and C of Jan van Brabant College has now been completely made more sustainable with Saled LED lighting for schools. This will bring many benefits to the Helmondse school. The entire secondary school was lit with conventional T5 luminaires, which was the reason why the college chose our retrofit […]

82% energy savings for housing corporation MeerWonen through smart LED lighting

energy savings

The housing complexes in the municipality of Oegstgeest and the municipality of Kaag en Braassem of housing corporation MeerWonen are equipped with sustainable, smart LED lighting from Saled. MeerWonen housing corporation builds, rents out and maintains (social) rental properties. At four locations in the municipality of Oegstgeest and the municipality of Kaag en Braassem, we […]

A2 Tradepark along the A2 in Rosmalen provided with LED terrain lighting

LED terrain lighting

The conventional lighting of the A2 Tradepark site, a building owned by Van Deursen Group, was recently replaced by LED terrain lighting. The LED lighting provides a much better-illuminated area, you can see a clear difference with the other half of the area, which does not yet have LED. Van Deursen Group has had part […]

The municipality of Amsterdam orders LED retrofit lighting from Saled


Saled has already provided the municipality of Amsterdam with 20,000 light sources, including 12,000 sustainable LED retrofit solutions. The municipality has been working to make public spaces more sustainable for quite some time now. By switching to LED retrofit, the municipality of Amsterdam contributes to a circular economy. With the new LED lighting, the municipality […]

The conventional PL lamp: what to do when the production stops

pl lamp

The production of the conventional PL lamp will end by the 24th of February 2023. Do not worry, there is no need to purchase new fixtures immediately. Saled has an affordable LED lighting alternative. What does this production stop mean for you or your company? It simply means that the conventional PL lamp will no […]