If LED lighting ensures 50% savings, are you switching today?

led lighting

Appropriate LED solutions for every industry: At Saled you are at the right place. Due to high-quality LED lighting, many organizations in public spaces, utility, and horticulture benefit from enormous savings. Do you want this too? For many organizations, there is more hurry behind the switch to LED lighting. This is due to, for example, […]

Again Retrofit lamps for the municipality of Altena


This is not the first time that Saled Retrofit was allowed to deliver to the Municipality of Altena: the conventional lamps that were also eligible for LED Retrofit were again ordered from Saled. Again more than 50% of energy is saved. But retrofit has many more advantages‚Ķ The satisfaction of the municipality ensured a new […]

79% energy saving per year for Supergarant Verzekeringen

energy saving

In December, the old conventional lighting was replaced by a new, clear LED in the offices of Supergarant Insurance. This provides a huge energy saving of 79%. The company will benefit from even more benefits through the switch. You can read here exactly what these are. With the current lighting that hung in the buildings […]

LED gallery lighting for VVE Cordell Hull Rotterdam

led gallery lighting

VVE Cordell Hull in Rotterdam immediately started the year well and decided to replace the old lighting with LED gallery lighting. By replacing the lighting in the galleries, the VvE will save a lot and contribute to a better environment. Two different types of gallery lighting have been placed, namely Dinand and Stanley. In this […]

World Wide Fund for Nature more sustainable with LED office lighting from Saled

led office lighting

From retrofit lamps to new luminaires; In two phases, Saled was allowed to provide the office building of the WWF in Zeist with sustainable LED office lighting. WWF-NL came to Saled with the request to make the office building on the Driebergseweg in Zeist more sustainable. This is an important element for an organization that […]

Obligation Energy label C: Follow these steps in 2023

energy label c

Since January 1, 2023, the energy label C obligation applies. Do you have an office building and no energy label or not yet energy label A, B, or C? Then it is high time to take steps. You can read them in this article. 41% of the office owners in the Netherlands should have made […]

Do you suffer from high energy prices as a municipality? Choose Retrofit

energy prices

At the moment everyone suffers from high energy prices, including municipalities. Retrofit offers the possibility to save on the energy bill. For the municipality of Papendrecht, the step to Retrofit was therefore easily and quickly made. Curious about the savings of this project? Then read on. Bureau OVL Lek-Merwede approached Saled in response to earlier […]

Extend the growing season of your crop: use LED grow lights

led grow lights

Thanks to the growing possibilities of LED grow lights, the growing season of your cultivation season can be extended. This is the reason why more and more growers use LED lighting in horticulture. In this way, you can produce crops of the same quality all year round. In this article, you can read why LED […]

Less energy consumption for Friesland College Leeuwarden due to LED lighting

energy reduce

We were asked to replace the current lighting with our LED solutions at one of the largest MBO schools in the Netherlands. Friesland College is a ROC with 130 training courses. With the new lighting, beautiful savings are being realized. Low energy consumption is very nice in times of permanent, rising energy prices. Less energy […]