Again Retrofit lamps for the municipality of Altena


This is not the first time that Saled Retrofit was allowed to deliver to the Municipality of Altena: the conventional lamps that were also eligible for LED Retrofit were again ordered from Saled. Again more than 50% of energy is saved. But retrofit has many more advantages…

The satisfaction of the municipality ensured a new order. In 2021, Saled was allowed to deliver more than 3,000 lamps during a large replacement round. Sustainability is an important item for the municipality of Altena, which is why the municipality immediately decided to replace a large part of the street lighting with LED.

Contractor Konings-Groep installed the lamps that were still eligible for Retrofit this year, these were a total of 1,233 PS-L Lamps; The LED replacement for the conventional PL-L.

Advantages of Retrofit

In addition to a financial saving of 50% on the energy bill, Retrofit is also very sustainable. Because the fixture is reused, you prevent capital destruction. You also save on the purchase costs of a completely new fixture and the installation thereof. With Retrofit, you as a municipality build a circular economy. This means that we reuse parts and raw materials.

During the application of this method, the (e) VSA is switched off, this ensures a substantial saving on maintenance. Due to current energy prices, the investment of the municipality in LED is soon recovered. The step to Retrofit has never been easier!

Phasing out conventional PL-L

The production of the conventional PL lamp stopped on February 24, 2023. The Saled LED solution PS-L is always available! The LED PS-L has the same light experience or is even better than the conventional PL-L.

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