Broekhuizen Schoenen fitted with durable and energy-efficient LED lighting of Saled

Saled has recently supplied and installed all LED lighting in the new subsidiary of Broekhuizen Schoenen in Huizen. Around 100 LED rail spotlights and some High Bay fixtures provide an optimal shopping experience. Compared to the shop which was previously housed in the building, Broekhuizen Schoenen reduces the energy use by 75%.

Due to the success of the establishment in Huizen, Broekhuizen Schoenen has recently moved to larger premises. For the move, a major renovation was necessary. In addition to the somewhat outdated furnishing the lighting was also an issue. The existing rail spotlights consumed a lot of energy and gave off much heat. Especially in the summer this resulted in unpleasant temperatures. Reason for the management of Broekhuizen Schoenen to speak with Saled.

Optimal illumination
In consultation with Broekhuizen, a light calculation and lighting plan has been made. Besides durability, appearance was also an important aspect. In the end, Broekhuizen chose for a hundred LED rail spotlights and some High Bay fixtures. The chosen models fit perfectly with the rest of the new interior and illuminate the extensive shoe collection optimally.

Financial attractive  
Compared to the shop which was previously housed in the building at shopping centre Oosterment, Broekhuizen goes significally back in energy use: the total wattage has reduced from 9250 to 2300. As a result of the low energy use and the much longer lifetime, the complete investment will be recouped within two years. A durable and financial sensible choice.

The management of Saled thanks Broekhuizen Schoenen for the trust and wishes the team in Huizen good business!

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