79% energy saving per year for Supergarant Verzekeringen

energy saving

In December, the old conventional lighting was replaced by a new, clear LED in the offices of Supergarant Insurance. This provides a huge energy saving of 79%. The company will benefit from even more benefits through the switch. You can read here exactly what these are.

With the current lighting that hung in the buildings of Supergarant on Veursestraatweg, 35500 kWh was used annually. Due to the switch to LED lighting, this has been reduced to 7332 kWh, a difference and saving of 28168 kWh per year. This is equivalent to the aforementioned 79% energy saving. The investment in the new lighting will be recovered within 1.2 years!

You probably already knew that LED lighting is better for the environment. With the new lighting of 1543 kg, SuperGarant emitted less CO² and 11972 GR sulfur. A very sustainable choice!

Suitable LED for every room

Many different Saled Lamps were placed in the office spaces of SuperGarant. We have a solution for every room. The following LED lamps were mounted:

  • Spots
  • Panel Lights
  • Compact luminaires
  • Emergency and escape route lighting
  • T8 Tubes
  • Retrofit PS-C

Saled was able to give a 25% discount on the purchase of these LED solutions, because SuperGarant Verzekeringen is a partner of Vakcentrum.

energy saving

Offices & Energy Label C

SuperGarant Verzekeringen is an insurance agency that has been active in SMEs in the Netherlands for 35 years. They are an insurance specialist who is part of A.S.R. SuperGarant was on time with the switch to LED, from 1 January 2023 offices must meet energy label C. This obligation means that the office building may have an energy consumption of up to 225 kWh per m² annually. Replacing conventional lighting with LED helps with this.

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